1. Can I visit to inspect the retirement villas and the facilities? 

Absolutely. Our show home for our lifestyle villas is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30am to 2.30pm, and from 11am to 1pm on Saturdays. At other times you are more than welcome to either just pop in to the retirement village or call for an appointment to visit the retirement villas.


2. What is covered by the Service Fees? 

The Fees include, but not limited to: rates, building insurance, general maintenance, quarterly outside window cleaning, St John medical alarm, rubbish removal, staffing and security.


3. Do we need household insurance? 

Yes. The building insurance is covered by your service fees, but you will need to arrange your own contents insurance for your retirement villa. 


4. What happens when I go on holiday?

This is your home and you can come and go as you please. Retirement is to be enjoyed. If you usually look after your own garden, this will be tended to while you are away. 


5. What happens when I leave? 

Your fees stop when you vacate your lifestyle villa. When you terminate the Occupation Agreement, the Board will undertake the marketing and sale of the occupation rights to a prospective resident on a similar basis. 


6. Can I bring a pet with me? 

Yes, small pets are allowed in the lifestyle village. 


7. Can I have people to stay with me? 

Yes. This is your home, and you can have family and friends visit or stay over. 


8. What is Accreditation? 

Maryville Courts is accredited by the Retirement Village Association, and must follow the guidelines and philosophies as laid down by the Association. An accreditation survey is carried out every three years. Being an accredited member of the Retirement Village Association helps give residents peace of mind that they, and their finances are protected and that standards are maintained.  


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