Well summer has come and gone for another year. And what a summer! Weather-wise it was a little slow to get started, but then the sun returned, and we had soaring temperatures.

We welcomed two couples and two ladies into the village over the last couple of months, and they have quickly settled into the convenience of city living…but who would think you were in the middle of the city, when you are surrounded by such beautiful gardens and greenspace.

The decision to move to a retirement community is something many retirees are considering, and it is perhaps one of the most important decisions they will make. Maryville recognises this and adopts a “don’t rush, in your own time” approach, encouraging would-be residents to visit on several occasions, perhaps meet some of the residents or attend a happy hour, before making a final decision.

Creating a strong sense of community is a priority at Maryville Courts, as well as fostering a strong rapport between management and the residents. We have welcomed many new residents over the years, people who relish their independence but want to live among like-minded people, and all of whom have immediately added something to the village – their sense of humour, their style, their varied interests and who, in turn, have enjoyed the many aspects of the village.

So, if you are over 65, thinking of downsizing in your retirement, and looking for affordability, convenience, security, and a great sense of community, Maryville Courts might just be the place for you!